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Before we get into details, I'd like to tell you a bit about Cygnus Hulls in case you don't know them too well.

I was looking for a boat for about 6 months before I found mine.

I wanted a boat that would allow me to work safely in almost any weather but Iwanted her to be small
and manouvrable enough to shoot inside the narrowest and deepest cooses.

I looked at boats up to 30' in length.

When I first saw my boat, I thought she was one of the ugliest I'd ever seen.

She had a full width wheelhouse running three quarters of the boat's length.

She had a hunk of steel on the stem with a chunk of rubber outside of that.

But I knew as soon as I looked at her, that she was the boat I'd been searching for.

She's been re-engined and now has a a hauler and a realistic wheelhouse.

I've fished her for 15 years and she's been through some quare weather.

Her seakeeping qualities never disappointed me.

Now I know why they call the Cygnus the Rolls Royce of fibreglass hulls

She can safely carry 60 D shaped soft eyed pots through a fairly sloppy sea
without the aid of side rails, ties or cat-catcher.

With the cat catcher and the side rails, she can carry 100 shrimp pots.

She can carry a ball of nets.

She's the perfect single hander.

She's not for sale

If she was, I'd be looking for around twenty two thousand euro or eighteen thousand pounds.

I wouldn't have a hope of replacing her for anything near that.

A friend of mine is selling his and ye'd buy her for less.

How much less is anybody's guess but you could look at her and make him an offer.

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